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Come share our UNFORGETTABLE beachfront experiences
About us
The Inn Beach Hotel is a luxury resort, located in the Golden Zone, one of the main resort areas in the city. It is surrounded by restaurants, bars and entertainment centers for the whole family.
We strive to make your stay enjoyable and unforgettable. Our excellent staff make it their main objective to offer you the best service around.
At The Inn complex, you´ll be able to fully enjoy beachfront views, ample and exclusive rooms, award-winning local cuisine, a gym, and the Port´s best beaches for scuba diving, surfing and kayaking.
Whether you´re on business, vacation, or want to hold a special event with us, we´ve got attractive promotions specially-designed for you.
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We are a
Socially Responsible Company.
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As a result of our public and voluntary commitment to implement a socially responsible management style, The Inn Hotel Group has been awarded, for the 2nd consecutive year, the ESR® 2018 award, granted by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy and the Alliance for Socially Responsible Entities in Mexico (AliaRSE).
Environmental Policy
The Inn Hotel Group is dedicated to offering high quality lodging services, committed to environmental preservation and to contribute to the sustainable development of our surroundings. That is why we commit to our environmental policy, in compliance with the following:
To remain at the forefront in the use of technologies that contribute to the achievement of our environmental goals.
To continually strive to improve, in all aspects.
To comply with all the environmental standards that apply to our business activities.
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